Got Junk for Jesus is a Local Charity Dedicated to Helping Our Community

Got Junk for Jesus is a nonprofit organization in Tucson, Arizona, dedicated to supplying struggling families with reliable transportation.

Have you ever considered what life without a car would be like for your family? For many of us, this is an idea that hasn’t even crossed our minds, but there are countless others for whom the daily struggle of living without something as simple as a car is an unfortunate, debilitating reality.

For example, a one-hour commute to work can turn into a three-hour trip by bus – each way! For someone seeking employment, there’s a possibility of not even being considered for a job without a dependable way to get there. And then there are the seemingly simple things, like grocery shopping. A single trip to the store for a week’s worth of groceries, carting five or six bags at a time? It’s unthinkable, without an automobile. Even dropping your child off at school can become a trying task. Take away a family’s car and the result is – among other hardships – less quality time with loved ones and more strain all the way around.

Got Junk for Jesus understands how crucial a reliable vehicle is to a family’s stability. That’s why we’re here to help. And it’s not just vehicles that are vital to our mission – we also accept furniture, toys, appliances, etc. Simply put, our service provides opportunities for less fortunate families to create greater possibilities for the future.

Please explore our site, and consider donating your used vehicle. We’ll take it whether it runs or not. And remember, your donation is 100% tax-deductible for the full amount of the vehicle’s fair market value.

All of your donations are appreciated, because they’ll make a huge difference in the lives of the families who receive them.

Thank You and God Bless!